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Loan Process

The process of getting a home loan, whether you’ve financed a home before or you are just entering this elite group, can feel daunting.  At The Carroll Mortgage Group, Inc. (TCMGI), we strive to make sure you always feel like an integral part of the process.  If you have questions at any time, our staff is happy to help.  Listed below is the basic process for every mortgage loan.

1. Contact us

The best place to start: Contact us!  The first step is talking with you about your goals, gathering information about you and with that, helping you choose the right program.  We are happy to make appointments that work with your schedule, start things over the phone or you may start by completing an online application.   

2. Completing the Loan Application

The approval process begins with a completed and submitted application.  Loan Officers are here to help.  There are many options.  Your application may be taken through our secure online portal, over the phone,or in person with the Loan Officer of your choice.  If you prefer to utilize the online application your information will be gathered and followed up with contact from a Loan Officer.   

Whichever application method you choose, supporting documentation and information will be requested.  The most common are listed below: 

3. Processing the Loan Application

Once we receive your signed application and documentation, your file then goes to a processor who verifies and validates all of the information provided to be true and correct. Verification requests may be sent to your employers, mortgage holder/landlord and lending institutions.  As items are received for review, additional documentation or information may be requested of you.     

4. Underwriting the Loan

Once processed, one of our underwriters will examine the file. Underwriters review all aspects of the loan file. It is the job of underwriter to make sure all the collected documentation meets loan parameters. The underwriter has final approval and final responsibility for the loan. 

5. Loan Approval Process

Throughout the entire loan process, TCMGI will do everything possible to approve your loan application. Once approved, our staff will begin the closing process – moving you one step closer to your new home loan! 

She not only overcome tremendous obstacles, but was able to get us to closing three days earlier than expected.
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